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Hi! My name is Joshaven Potter and I am a wireless network engineer, software developer and consultant.

I’ve had many successes in my career, and I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with the WISP and IT community.

Some of my professional accomplishments include:

  • Avid community contributitor through forums & Message Boards.
  • Well over a decade of ISP experience including dialup, wired, & wireless broadband services.
  • Designed and successfully implemented the first Wireless ISP in Hillsdale County.
  • Consulted for many wireless broadband companies including domestic and foreign.
  • Well versed in the configuration, management & design of IP communication systems including detailed understanding of supporting services & protocols like BGP, OSPF, QoS, Wi-Fi, TDMA, TDD, FDD, DNS, RADIUS, PPPoE, Hotspot Services, eMail, and RF Theory.
  • Over a decade experience building and administrating server environments including Microsoft as well as POSIX systems such as Redhat, CentOS, Debian & Ubuntu among others.
  • Well versed in multiple web architectural environents including MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, & Ruby.
  • Author and contributor of multiple web application frameworks.
  • Developed and launched numerous business software intragrations and web based applications.
  • Authored the world's fastest JavaScript string scoring algorithm.


If you are a mobile carrier, fixed broadband network operator, municipality, or entrepreneur seeking a support relationship for your fixed wireless broadband network please check out my business site WISP Live.

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Joshaven Potter | CPO & Director of Information Technology | Founder and Senior WISP Success Architect
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