I began my professional career over two decades ago as a teenager. I started with programming and soon graduated to building computers for family and friends. It wasn’t too long after I got my drivers license that I began putting my system builder and scripting experiences to work at an after school job with a local computer store. I had completed all of my high school’s computer courses while I was in middle school, so by the time I was in high school I was engineering my own computer classes through the school’s independent studies programs. Looking back, I believe that I owe much of my entrepreneurial, can-do attitude to my high school computer teacher… Thanks Mrs. Gallup, you have given me more than you probably know.

Over the years I have supported home users, designed and implemented business networks, engineered outdoor fixed wireless networks, written business management software and worked with small teams to build a couple of startup companies. No matter how small the problem is, my strength, and sometimes weakness, is that I am always looking to understand the criteria of the situation and find the best possible resolution. I have always worked hard to make peoples lives better in every way that they interface with technology.

If you are in need of information or services related to WISP’s or need a software integration then you have come to a very good place. Please feel free to contact me.