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The Dude for Mac

I have compiled a version of MikroTik’s Dude which should work on recent versions of Mac OS X. Get the current 6.39.2 version by clicking here. Open the dmg file after downloading and drag it to your Applications folder.

  • The version of The Dude on the client and server must match. Sorry, I have not compiled all client versions. If you cannot use one of versions on this page, feel free to reach out and see if I can compile a specific version for you.
  • Due to the embedded wine environment required this “Mac” version is much larger then the Windows version.
  • Due to the fact that I am not signing my code through a known third party, on the first time you open it, you may need to right click on it and choose open.


If you have network data in The Dude, be sure to export and save the data before making any changes.
Download The Dude 6.39.2 for Mac with El Capitan Support
Download The Dude 6.37.3 for Mac with El Capitan Support
Download The Dude 6.37.1 for Mac with El Capitan Support
Download The Dude 4.0b3 for Mac with El Capitan Support
Old 4.0b3 version download... just in case

Corey Lambert created a application closer script that may be of interest in case The Dude ever gets stuck in the service stack. (Does a stuck dude make anyone else think of Chris Farley in a little coat?)

Download Corey’s Dude Killer