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Winbox for Mac

I have complied “Winbox” by MikroTik with Wine in order to make it usable on Mac. Download one of the versions below (I recommend the newest). You can run the app from anywhere but I recommend moving it to your Applications folder. Let me know if you have any issues.

Having qualified as 100% adware and spiware free, Winbox for Mac is also available for download from Softpedia.


Winbox v3.17

Note: If upgrading, you can backup your saved managed sessions from tools export but be sure to save them to a location outside of the application because overwriting the applicaiton will replace the entire winbox environment. When exporting be sure to go back to the / then find the path to your user profile.

  • The application size has been greatly reduced...
  • You may have to right click on the application and choose open the first time running because I didn't officially sign the app with Apple.
  • If you are replacing an existing version and would like to keep your router list than be sure to export the list and locate it before replacing your old version. This application has it's own internal file system which is removed when you replace the application.

Old Downloads - for the occasion that the current is uncool.