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Earth Ground Resistance Testers

An earth ground resistance tester is a critical tool in establishing the ability of your site to distribute lightning energy into the earth. Save yourself a lot of money and frustration by picking up a fall of potential meter.

Note: Because of its design, a clamp-on ground tester cannot be used for installation checks or commissioning new sites. It also cannot be used if an alternate lower resistance return exists not involving the soil (such as with cell towers).

Any of the following are good products that will help you ensure that you have a good bond to the earth.

Great Products

I always terminate my tower cable with a grounded patch panel. This allows me to bring the shield to ground, discharging ESD before it has a chance to get to elecronics. I highly recommend one of the following:

For Surge surpression I use the APC PRM24 surge suppressor Chassis and modular surge modules. If you are using a DIN style there is also the PRM4.

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